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Melanoma is not only one of the most aggressive cancers of the skin, but also one of the most aggressive cancers overall. Melanoma cases are reported all over the world. Therefore, the subject of the project is an important product on the national and foreign markets. Moreover, cancer incidence affects both women and men, with both sexes increasing for years (

In the case of tumors in the initial stage of development, a fragment of the skin is removed with a margin of healthy tissue. After the procedure, the area where the tissue is cut is secured with a sterile dressing and bandaged. Then, natural tissue regeneration processes take place. It is extremely important to take care of the skin after the removal of the neoplastic lesion. The skin should then be intensely moisturized to strengthen the epidermal barrier and restore its elasticity.

Cancer prevention includes, among others:

  • physical activity,
  • avoiding alcohol consumption,
  • the use of an appropriate diet,
  • performing preventive examinations.